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To Convert To Multiply By
bushels cubic inches 2150.4
cubic centimeters cubic inches 0.06102
cubic centimeters pints, US 0.002113
cubit feet cubic meters 0.02832
cubit inches cubic centimeters 16.3871
gallons, US liters 3.785
liters cubic centimeters 1000
liters cubic inches 61.024
liters gallons, US 0.2642
liters milliliters 1000
liters pints, US 2.113
milliliters liters 0.001
pints, US cubic centimeters 473.2
pints, US cubic inches 28.875
pints, US gallons, US 0.125
pints, US quarts, US 0.5
quarts, dry cubic inches 67.20
quarts, liquid cubic inches 57.75
quarts, liquid gallons, US 0.25
quarts, liquid liters 0.9463



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